Maintenance of entrance door

Entrance door are the showcase of every house, so it is worth taking care of them so that their high aesthetics is maintained as long as possible. Thanks to many wood care products available on the market, it is very easy to take care of high quality woodwork and protect it against external factors.


Wooden door

Wooden door are installed in most houses, which due to their durability and high aesthetics, work well in various types of buildings. In this case, it is best to purchase specialist preparations, such as milks, oils and pastes, the primary purpose of which is to maintain adequate level of protection. This type of protection is very important, since rain, snow or hail can affect not only the aesthetics of the door, but also their basic functions, such as proper closing. Installation of a roofing, in the manufacture of which our firm specializes, is also a perfect way of protection. The choice of the right solution will reduce the contact with rain or snow to a minimum, which makes the maintenance easier and does not require a user to perform such careful and regular maintenance.

In order to improve the appearance of doors damaged due to many years of use, it is advisable to use a special paint that will refresh their appearance. We recommend to choose lighter shades to achieve a better effect and a natural, beautiful appearance of wooden surface. In the case of very damaged doors, it is advisable to use paint (thanks to which we can also change their colour), as well as to subject the surface to the process of grinding and cleaning. At the very end, a lacquer will also be needed.

Surface dirt should be removed with ordinary, light cleaning agents, which are commonly used in the household. However, it is appropriate to avoid detergents containing solvents and scouring agents.

PVC and aluminium door

Having door made of plastic or aluminium is much more comfortable, because their maintenance is easier. Water solutions and mild detergents that do not contain alcohol, solvent or acetate are used for this kind of care. Similarly in case of aluminium or fibreglass door, but in most cases water alone will suffice.

Maintenance of door mechanisms

A very important maintenance procedure is the regular maintenance of hardware and seals, which affect the proper operation of the door. In the case of door furniture, it is recommended to lubricate it at least once a year with special oils, greases or other preparations offered by renowned manufacturers. This prevents rusting of metal parts as well as friction. In case of gaskets, a special preservative is used, also once a year, or every six months.

In order to keep the door functional for years, it is advisable to inspect it periodically, so that it remains smooth when it is closed and opened, has fully functional locks and hinges, etc. The door can be opened and closed at any time.