Installation of a door canopy

Roofing above the door is often treated as an unnecessary element, generating additional costs. But then again, this is a solution that offers many benefits, these, however, must be selected and installed appropriately. A very large number of possibilities makes it possible for everyone to choose a product that will meet their expectations and will not only be an addition improving the aesthetics of the façade, but also a practical solution for the home or public facility.

Why a door canopy should be installed?

The basic function of such canopies is to protect the door against adverse weather conditions - mainly rain and snowfall. They contribute to the destruction of the door, not only reducing their aesthetic value, but also causing their loss of form, which may cause many problems in the future, such as problems with closing them. The canopy protects and prevents damage caused to the door and also accumulates snow, so that it does not lie in front of the entrance and is therefore not a cause for concern to the household members. Its practicality also results from the fact that in the event of the occurrence of unfavourable conditions, you can hide under them and look for the keys or unfold your umbrella in stride.

Door canopies are also an interesting way to diversify the appearance of a building and enhance it with a modern style. Our partnership manufactures structures, task of which is not only to protect door, but also to attract an eye. Effective design, varied shapes and the use of appropriate components make these solutions meet the requirements of people with different tastes and even the most demanding requirements.

Choice of a solution

The choice of the right shape, size and colour of the canopy is very important. It should be remembered that this is a single-time expense and the investment for long years, so it is better to take accurate measurements and order a product that will meet your expectations - both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Our offer includes modern solutions made of aluminium, polycarbonate and acrylic, which are powder coated and available in many colour variants.

How to install?

The installation process is simple, because modern canopies do not require great knowledge in the field of construction industry or possession of complicated tools, but a drill only. It is worth to carry out installation works according to diagrams assigned separately to each canopy. In each door canopy package, there are installation instructions, and we have set up an ARCTOM channel in YOUTUBE website service, where you can find the installation videos of our products

The installation works, on account of different types of canopies, differ, but usually with details, and therefore the pattern of operation is usually very similar. When installing the canopy, it is advisable to use proven methods and expert advice.

It is worth remembering that the holes made at the very beginning must be in the right places, therefore it is necessary to apply precise measurements. The angle of the location of the holes is dependent on the angle of arches bending.

In order to determine the fixing points of the roof (the position of mounting holes on the building wall) precisely, it is best to use a template, which can be easily made. Firstly, mark the fixing points on the cardboard washer by applying a canopy to it. Then, the template executed in this way can be attached to the wall and the position of the mounting holes can be precisely determined.

It is necessary to use suitable fixing elements for the installation - the anchors for the upper holes should be particularly resistant to be tore out of the walls, and the lower anchors should be particularly resistant to cutting. Very often, the type of mounting elements depends on the material of which the wall is made. In the case of brick, concrete or stone, plastic boilers are most often used, steel anchors are used for ceramic hollow bricks, and simple screws are used for wooden walls.

When fixing the roof on a wall insulated with foamed polystyrene, distance sleeves of appropriate length should be installed below the screws. Then, the insulation will not be damaged and the whole structure will be stable for years.

Cleaning and maintenance

It is worth taking care of the roof above the door, but its maintenance and cleaning are not complicated. It is enough to rinse the surface once in a while with water and mild detergents such as liquid soap or washing-up liquid. It is worth remembering, however, not to use strong chemicals and rough tools.