How to take care of the door roofing?

Roofings made by our company do not require specialist maintenance, but it is worth preserving their proper lighting parameters and aesthetics through periodic cleaning of the surface.


As always, mild detergents such as water and soap solutions or washing-up liquid, which are best applied with a sponge or soft cloth, as well as natural silicones, prove to be the best solutions in such situations. It is necessary to pay attention to the composition of the cleaning preparation - it is not recommended to use any kind of abrasive and strongly alkaline substances or substances containing solvents (acetone, alcohol or benzene), because they may damage the roofing surface and the protective layer of polycarbonate. The conservation process must not be carried out at high temperatures and in bright sunlight, as a side effect in the form of discolouration may occur.

Ways to guarantee clean roofing

Dirt appears always and cannot be avoided, but in the case of our canopies there are simple ways to remove it. For fresh paint or oil stains, use petroleum ether (BP65), hexane or heptane, which is applied with a soft cloth. After removing the dirt, rinse the surface with lukewarm water and soap solution. Aluminium profiles, on the other hand, do not require any maintenance, as they oxidise and a protective layer appears on their surfaces spontaneously.

Roofs are best cleaned with sponges or cloths, and pressure washers should be avoided, which can damage the whole structure. The use of brushes and sharp objects that damage surfaces is excluded.

Before the installation

Remember to clean the surface on which the canopy will be placed thoroughly before carrying out the installation works. In order to ensure the stability of the whole structure being mounted to the insulated wall, spacer sleeves are used, which prevent damage to the insulating surface.