Choice of roofing

How to choose the right roofing above the entrance door?

A wide range of door canopies allows anybody to find a solution bespoken to their individual needs. However, while browsing through the offer and before making a choice, it is worth considering a few issues related to products, which will have an influence on their aesthetics and functionality.

First of all - the dimensions

Absolutely, the most important issue to be followed when choosing a solution is to determine dimensions that a roofing functional for years should have. Its primary function is to protect against precipitation, therefore it must be enough deep and wide. Individual solutions are selected according to the width of the door and adjusted to the amount of space available on the façade of the building. It's best to measure everything accurately. This will make it easy to find the right solution. Our offer includes products in different sizes, among which you can find models perfectly adapted to your different needs.

Secondly - the type of roofing

The most popular types of roofing are flat and gable canopies. The former ones are very simple in their structure and their advantages are the lack of any collision with windows, cornices and the covering of a small area of the wall. They can be placed anywhere and will fit both modernist and traditional buildings. Arched models, on the other hand, make an impression with their aesthetics, perfectly draining rainwater, but their installation is not possible anywhere. The most important thing is that the canopies and cornices of the canopies are properly matched to the canopies and cornices of the roof of the building.

Thirdly - aesthetic aspects

When we know the necessary dimensions and decided on a specific type of roofing, it is necessary to proceed with aesthetic matters. The variety of tastes and needs is great, so it depends on you what material to choose, what decorations and style of workmanship, as well as what colour variant is going to be. In our offer, you will find the variety of solutions - from classic designs to the most modern ones.